Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I love my job! I get to go on field trips just like the good ole' days in elementary school.....well kind of except now I'm in charge. Bwaaahhhhhaaahhhaaaa! So I took my kids on a field trip to the Fernbank Science Center and Planetarium in Atlanta. They weren't thrilled at first, but as the day progressed they started having fun as youngsters do. My trusteeeeee co-workers decided to tag along for the ride too.  I definitely think we had more fun than the kids. Oh well, they need to lighten up anyway!

I should delete this...

Mr. Kadison

Stone steps. Look cool. Wrong. to. climb.

They were perking up...

Coolest flower EVAH!

Christine (the intern) and Mr. Kadison @ surprise...THE VARSITY
We HAD to go there, its only like a national treasure...or something like that.

Marcell (something like an intern) and Meeeeeh

Super excited at the end of the trip, it only took ALL day to get her this way. Oh well, maybe they will like Six Flags better...

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