Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hello Kitty Inspiration

During my blog searching today I found this awesome site. It's called Celebrations at Home. There is a tremendous amount of ideas and fun things to try.  On the site, the author has a section where you can search for parties by color. BINGO! I searched for pink of course (my fave, fave, fave, color) and found this adorable Hello Kitty Party!  It's even got my second favorite color in it, green. So it turns out that this party came from a site called Charm Event Design.  A wonderful site as well! Please check out both of these site for lots of cool party ideas. w00t w00t!

I can totally do all of this with my Cricut Expression! I'll just need a little help from the SIL.

I think I need to get started. Her birthday is in December, right before Christmas...

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Tashja said...

The colors are very beautiful, great great job.